Sending cards (week 4)

Week 4? Is this the end of the first month? This week I recieved my order of autograph cards like the ones used by It's like having my own Card Shop, and they will go with each ginter card from now on. This weeks attempts are; Corey Hart, Melvin Mora, and Dontrelle Willis. I bought a couple of packs of 2008 Ginters at a hobby shop this week and these were some of the duplicates I got. I picked Willis in honor of our friend at My Past Time……. I Love It!!.

Corey Hart

Produced numerous hits, including "Sunglasses at Night" and "Never Surrender" - hold on. Wrong Hart. Corey patrols right field for the Brew Crew, and, not sure how he pulled it off, but wears #1. He also was the first Brewer in their history to have back to back 20-20 seasons.

Melvin Mora

I don't know much about Mora, I have heard the name, but I really know about him. One thing that I found when researching him, was that when he was 7 years old his father was murder in front of him, apparently his father was mistaken for someone else. On a happier note, he is also the father of quintuplets. I can't even fathom either story.

Dontrelle Willis

Two things come to mind when I think of Willis. The "D-Train" nickname, and the leg kick. And hey his hitting is not bad, only once did his Batting Average slip below Jason Giambi's 2009 average. Is there going to be a Giambi line used in the same context as the Mendoza line?


  1. ie got about 20 of the base set cards if you are interested, just checked for you.

  2. I am interested. email me davidlyon(at)donedhardy(dot)com

  3. Dude D-train is going to be back.... He just needs to come back to the NL and he'll be fine... He got allot left in tank, so hopefully he can kick the "My mind is playing tricks on me" thing and get back to baseball!

  4. A return to the NL should be a friendly move for Willis. But I really can't speak much of it as I only really see him when he plays a team I am watching, or making the highlights. I only know bits and pieces, such as he has a very supportive mother.