Off topic: Conor Jackson Printing Plates

To step aside from '08 for a second, I wanted to share some cards I was able to get on Ebay relatively cheap. Well compared to their '08 counter parts.

First I picked up a Yellow Conor Jackson 2009 Allen and Ginter Printing Plate. I have always admired "from a far" the printing plates from the earlier sets but never able to afford them, now I was able to get one.

Then the Black and Cyan both came onto Ebay a couple days later. Each of them were also reasonably priced. So I had to scoop them up. So I went from a couple relics in '08 to starting '09 with the ability to almost print my own Co-Jack card.

Almost needles to say, but if anyone sees the Magenta let me know please.


  1. That is awesome! If I see the Magenta I will let you know. That would be something to have all 4!

  2. I think the odds of me getting the magenta is astronomical, but that would be fantastic to have all the plates used to make a D-Back card.

    I have to refrain from E-bay lately. The 09 stuff is really affordable right now, so very tempting.

  3. hey i have a ton of Will Clark double let me know if you want.....wickedortega-