Baseball conundrum.

To start off with, I feel obligated to mention that this question is not an issue I find pressing. It was something that I contemplated a lot this weekend, but on the serious-o-meter it is far from high ranking.

What is more important to pass down: Baseball or Fan-hood?

I planed a trip with my parents to see a baseball game with me and my son. We planned on seeing the Angels and Orioles next week. Although, after scheduling conflicts on both sides, we move the trip up a week. The week we were now planning on had the Angels out of town in Minnesota, and The Dodgers had a home stand against the Reds.

After I had purchased the tickets for the Dodger game, I started to think about planning out all of the logistics. With a four year old you have to think about all emergency averting necessities. I looked up Dodger stadiums rules for what I can carry in. I got routes and parking information. I prepped everyone on the time and date. I planned on leaving home 2 hours early.

Then I got to planning what I would dress him with. I scratched the baseball glove off the list, although it is essential that a child bring a glove to the park, I figured since he can't catch yet that it served no purpose. Then I thought about what hat he should wear. The three options were: Arizona Diamondbacks, Pixar's Cars, and Los Angeles Dodgers (it was a hand me down from is Cousin). The Arizona hat was cut, no reason to bring it. Then came the conundrum, do I put him in the hometown cap even though I despise the team? I couldn't care less about the Reds, and there is no team in the Majors that I hate more than the Dodgers. I asked around, and the same answer always came back. "Let him decide."

The day of the game I swallowed hard and entered his room with both hats (Cars and Dodgers) behind my back. It could easily go both ways I thought, Cars is his favorite hat, but the Dodgers hat is new to him. I showed him the pile of close on his bed and told him that he could dress himself (I usually do it, but he is getting better and better at it) and then I said, "..and which hat do you want to wear?" His choice, Dodger blue.

The game went really well. We all had a blast. My son downed two Dodger Dogs, and we got him a foam finger.

The question is something I pondered for a long while even after the game. When passing down the Joys of Baseball to your sons and/or daughters, what is more important? The game of baseball and the experiences that go with it, or your team?

Dodger fans out there, if you lived or were in San Fransisco and you took your little one to a Giants game where the visiting team meant nothing to you; would you bring them in a Giants hat (assuming it was available as in my case)?

Giants fans, Dodger caps. Yankees fans, Red Sox caps. Red Sox, Yankees, Braves, Mets. The list goes on, what would you do in my situation.

Ultimately I had a blast. I have never had a greater Baseball experience than when I go with my little one and share with him America's past time.

*Notes about my Dodger hatred*

I don't want to offend anyone. My strong dislike of the Dodgers is not is bad as it sounds. It is a very weird emotion that I fully do not understand but let me clarify.

  • I was a Dodger/Giants fan growing up 1987 - 1992 ish
  • My favorite players as a kid: Will Clark, and Orel Hershiser
  • My favorite historical player: Jackie Robinson

so where does this negativity come in?

It comes mainly from people I have known from college and on that have been Dodger fans. That and the Dodgers always seem to give the Diamondbacks the most trouble. So I don't hate the organization as a whole, or players individually, but just the incarnation from 1998 on. If you don't follow me, don't worry neither do I.


  1. I'd have a difficult time even LIVING in San Francisco with all those Giants -- or more appropriately Dodger-hater -- fans around.

    My brother lives near the San Francisco area. He's also familiar with L.A. He says, "you don't want to be a Dodger fan. You wouldn't like those people." But I am not a fan of the FANS, I am a fan of the team and its history. Besides, I've known some normal Dodger fans in my day, a lot more than normal Yankee fans.

    But since I live on the east coast, I'll have to go with what I know. If I had a kid who was a baseball fan, I would most likely steer them in the direction of not being a Yankee fan. If they still insisted on being a Yankee fan, then that's OK. They'd just have to hear it from their old man for the rest of my life.

    My kid isn't a baseball fan, so it's not an issue. But she knows how I feel about the Yankees.

  2. I know what you mean, but I don't really have that issue because we only have 1 team here in Arizona.

    I used to be a Dodgers fan, before the D-backs in 1998. I don't so much dislike the Dodgers, it's just the annoying, maybe I should say "passionate to a fault" Dodgers fans that live her in Arizona that I don't like.

  3. Funny thing is before my Marlins came to town i use to love the Mets.... Starwberry and Gooden where my fave players.... But since the Marlins came to town, everyday my hate for the Mets and their ass-clown fans grow every day. I'm happy to say that my boys will be Marlins fans or Tampa Bay fans... And i'll be happy with either.
    oh and don't get me started on the Phillies. No issues with the Braves or Nats