Sending cards 2010 Week 2

Andre Ethier

I am not a fan of Ethier, so I feel funny about sending this. I don't dislike Andre, but in baseball terms I am not a Dodger fan, and Mr. Ethier does really well for them. It is nothing personal, he actually seems like a really good guy. I am probably going to send a lot more Dodger attempts soon, they are really close and the quick success from Garret Anderson make it very appealing.

Brian Barton

After seeing this success from the Cardboard Legends blog, I feel like Mr Barton would be a good attempt to send out.

Jack Cust

Mr. Cust was drafted by the Diamondbacks in 1997, and made his Major League debut with the Arizona in 2001. I look forward to adding this Diamondback signature to my collection.

Jeff Clement

When I was writing my letters, I looked over and noticed a pack of 2008 Ginters that I had recently bought. I decided to send one of the cards out in this batch. Mr. Clement was the card that got a free trip out of town.

The Collective Troll

I am a little worried about this attempt. After searching TTM message boards, and blogs I can not find one success for the Troll rookie card. I rubbed bacon on the envelope, I felt that it may help my chances.

Alfredo Ortega

Wicked Ortega, also has no successes recorded for TTM attempts. I have a feeling about this one though, I will get this one back.

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