Sending Cards 2010, and New Blog Design (Please Vote)

Most of the office has been out of town this week due to a Vegas fashion show, and it got really quiet. This caused my mind to wander, leading me to spend most of the day tweaking the blogs design. I added a poll on the sidebar, please vote and let me know how you feel about the new look.

I also have been reading a lot of TTM Message boards in my week of bliss. Mark Buehrle's name keeps coming up as a great TTM signer. Most successes are reporting under 10 days. Also, Ty Wigginton is showing some success of recent days as well. So out those two go.

Mark Buehrle

I think the best thing to say about Mr. Buehrle is that he is one of a select few to have ever pitched a perfect game. On the 23rd of July, 2009 Mark took the mound and pitched the 18th Perfect game in Major League history. It took him 116 pitches, and the Tampa Bay Rays lost 5 - 0 thanks to Josh Fields' grand slam, an RBI double by Alexei Ramírez.

Ty Wigginton

Mr Wigginton has bounced around 5 different teams in his time in the big leagues. Currently he is with the Baltimore Orioles. 2010 was an all-star year for Mr. Wigginton, like the Diamondback's Chris Young, this was Ty's first All-Star nod.