More EBay Goodness

I have been stuck on EBay the last week or two. The first card, at my own personal show and tell, is a Conor Jackson auto that I paid .99 for. The shipping was 3 bucks, so technically I paid 300% more on shipping for the darn thing. I am not complaining though.

I have stopped fighting the Conor Jackson take over of my collection. I mentioned earlier on this blog how he has been sneaking into one of the top player collections that I have going. So now I am actively looking for more new Cojack pieces. (too bad he is not on our team anymore)

Conor Jackson 2007 Topps Highlight Autograph

The next card is a card I never thought I would get. It is from the 2007 Upper Deck Black set. You know, the one that cost in the 100 dollar range a box. The box that includes only 2 packs. You know, the packs that have only 1 card. *pauses to get a calculator*...mumble mumble...carry the two....oh yeah, it cost 100 dollars for two random cards.

Any way, like the Bowman's best of that year, I have been eyeing the Mark Reynolds and Justin Upton cards. In this set, I love the "Pride of a Nation" rookie auto cards. I was able to pick this one up for under 50.

Justin Upton 2007 Upper Deck Black Pride of a Nation

The hardest part was to explain the purchase to my wife. She was in a good mood because she had just confiscated the proceeds from my 2010 Allen & Ginter Strasburg mini.

See the deal on the Stasburg mini went like this:

I got to buy a box of cards and the rest went to savings.

Here is how reality decided to step in:

The day the Strasburg sold, our garage door decided to break. After the repair was completed and paid, my wife informs me that I just traded my box of cards for a working garage door. "Mom! Life stole my baseball card money!"

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  1. Sweet eBay pickups! The Conor Jackson fo $4 bucks is a great deal! That Upton is awesome! The only one I've seen was here in Phoenix at a card shop and they wanted $100 for it.