I got it

Unlike poor Mr. "Wicked" Ortega, I have had a good week on EBay. I have another card coming, look for that post later, but the card I am showing now I have been wanting for at least a year. It also brings me one card closer to completing one of my 2010 goals.

Mark Reynolds 2007 Bowman's Best Autograph #76b

I wasn't going to buy this card. I was following the auction of this card, and the card ended with no bids. I sent the seller a message and ask if he would take $20 for it. He accepted. I thought for sure he wouldn't, but luck was on my side.

I love this card. This, and the Justin Upton one as well. A rookie auto of Reynolds, and from a really nice set. The scan doesn't do the card justice, you can't really see how "shiny", and thick the card is.


  1. Great card! Congrats on crossing another card off your list!

  2. Thanks. it is not hundreds of Webbys, but it makes me happy (o:

    I really really want to find a good way to display it all.