Sending cards 2010 Week 3

I recently purchased the Baseball address list by Harvey Meiselman. It came in the mail a couple days ago, I have read a lot of good things so lets see how it works. Below are the first candidates using the address provided.

Luke Scott

In 2006, Mr. Scott became the first rookie Astro to hit for the cycle. The best thing about this was that even though it was against the Diamondbacks, the Astro's still did not win the 8 - 7 extra inning contest.

Scott Rolen

I love hearing about the different athletes that have foundations set up to provide one thing or another to the community. Mr. Rolen set up the Enis Furley Foundations.

"The Enis Furley Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Scott Rolen , of the Cincinnati Reds, and named after his eldest dog Enis. In 1999 Scott had a vision to brighten the lives of children and their families who struggle with an illness, hardship, or other special needs."
(from the foundation's website).

Josh Willingham

I don't know much about Mr. Willingham, but that is nothing new for this blog. I did find out through research that Josh has the bragging rights of hitting two grand slams in one game. It was last July, he hit a grand slam in consecutive innings against the Brew Crew.

Rick Ankiel

I find it amazing that Rick Ankiel was able to reinvent himself and make it back to the Bigs the way he did. It is an incredible feat to make it to the highest level of your career, but to be able to do it twice in such different capacities is such an accomplishment.

I also used the list to resend a "return to sender" failure of Craig Biggio.

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