Sending Cards 2010 round 4

I have been on a kick lately sending out cards. Yesterday I sent out a request to both Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell. I had sent to Mr. Clark before but I have yet to hear back. This time I am using the address from the book I just bought.

Last Friday I sent some cards but I didn't post them because I didn't want a blog full of "sending card" posts. I can probably get away with one now.

Last Friday I sent out:

Clayton Kershaw

I sent an attempt to Mr. Kershaw in spring training, but still no response. The overall success on the web shows that he is a quick signer, so I am going to try again.

Juan Pierre

Juan Pierre would be a great addition, not that they all are not. He fun to watch, and seems to be a pretty good guy.

Paul Konerko

Mr. Konerko also seems to be a good TTM signer. The response time varies, but always remains very reasonable.

Tomorrow I will try to get these cards printed and sent out.

The first one is another Blogger Edition card.

Night Owl

The famed Night Owl! This will be a great return. Being a nocturnal creature, in-person signings are said to be rare. I hope to be the first to receive a TTM success from this legendary blogger. Wish me luck. I will be using a Giants, and Yankees free envelope so that should help.

The last card I was going to send to a biographer, but I had a better idea.

Albert Einstein

The better idea that I had was to send this attempt to Jim Parsons, the actor who brilliantly brings Dr. Sheldon Cooper to life on The Big Bang Theory. Being the huge nerd/geek that I am, this show was made for me. I often catch myself wishing I could hang with the guys on that show. I then realize that even if they were real, I would not be smart enough.

I did realize too, that if I were lucky enough to get a response from Mr. Parsons, that I should get more than just an Einstein card signed. As AWESOME as that would be, I would have to explain why I don't have a Sheldon Cooper item signed instead. So I will also be sending the following custom card.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper

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  1. Whooooooooo knows if I'll sign it?

    Nicely avoided license issues as you can't see the Sabres logo on my cap.

    Glad to be able to share the post with Kershaw. Good luck!