Off Topic: Favorite Auto/Relic Cards (part 1)

Ok, I have been looking through my cards and realized that I have no one to share my favorite cards with. I haven't posted them earlier becuase I didn't want to seem to be bragging about my cards, but I figure now that most of you have collections that would make me drool so I feel better about it. Basically, sit back and let me bore you with the highlight of my collection in terms of "hits". Relics and Autos.

Allen & Ginter


Andre Ethier

The Ethier auto was from my hobby box of 2008 Ginter that I got for my Birthday that year. It is up for trade if anyone is interested.

Orlando Hudson

Obtained VIA Ebay. It was relatively cheap and I had to have it.

Frank Morris

Obtained VIA a pack hit from a Card shop recently. I also got a Thome Jersey card from the same box. I figure one more pack should clean the box dry of relics.

Max Scherzer

Obtained VIA a very cool Secret Santa. I am a huge fan of this card.

Connor Jackson

Obtained VIA Ebay.


Stephen Drew

Obtained VIA Ebay. I love how some of these hits are so cheap online. The are so obtainable.

Justin Upton

Obtained VIA Ebay. I see a pattern here.


Chad Tracy

I received Two of these babies recently. One via a Secret Santa, and One via a trade.

Printing Plates

Conner Jackson - Cyan, Yellow, Black

I am still looking for the Magenta. One more card and I can start printing Conner Jackson mini's. Oh, I just need the press but that is a minor detail.


  1. Drooling over the Ethier. Wracking my brain on what I could send you in exchange.

  2. Send me your address. you can wrack your brain with the card in hand. davidlyon at donedhardy dot com

  3. Frank Morris...hmmmm me likely

  4. Very impressive collection... Nice pulls/purchases...

  5. Awesome cards! Love all the D-Backs! The 3 printing plates are impressive!