Trade: It's like having my own Card Shop

Daniel over at It's like having my own Card Shop Posted this beauty of a card as Trade Bait.

I was fortunate enough to be the first to call dibs on it. Say what you want about Reagan, a lot of people loved him, some didn't. What isn't really open for debate is how he treated his wife. From what I have heard he was a very loving and attentive husband. He apparently wrote so many love letters to her that they were able to fill a book, "I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan" Not really something you think about when opening baseball packs, but a very nice card to add to my collection. I am very pleased.

In addition to that card, Daniel sent a load of other cards to help get me closer to completing some of my sets.

From 1989 Topps:

From 2008 Allen and Ginter "World Greatest Victories"

From 2009 Topps U&H Propaganda:

I love this set. I have from the first time I saw a scan on one of my fellow blogger's site. The artistry of it. I love the colors, the illustration, the full bleed printing. It's just a cool set.

From 2008 Topps Series 2 Campaign Match-Ups:

This set has been by far my favorite subset in the last couple of years. The only set that has rivaled it has been the First Couple set and the only reason I am not adding that to my lists of sets to collect is that I only have one, and I have enough sets to concentrate on right now as it is. Eventually I would like to have the set of First Couples as well.

This hobby is baseball card collecting. But darn it if these historical sets don't get me excited. I really am not even sure why. Is it the fact that it is something besides baseball, and the novelty of it is cool? Is it the fact that they are historical and patriotic? Not really sure, maybe a little of both. But I like these two sets much more than the 2008 Topps series 1 candidate cards. Much more. So go figure. I am sure design is really a part of it. The First Couple cards are just beautiful. My hats off to the designer of that sub-set.


  1. I claimed that one a little too late. I'm glad to see it found a good home! If you ever run across another one of those, let me know.

  2. Always glad to help out with someone's collecting needs! Glad you like the cards. I got the 2008 Upper Deck X cards you sent for my set. Thanks!

  3. I'm glad that someone likes getting political cards in with their baseball cards... I will keep you in mind next time I pull one... My Dad worked in the Pentagon during the early Reagon years and I was just a kid and didn't know a thing about politics, but I did get excited seeing Mr (and more often) Mrs President...
    If you are looking to trade to fill sets of political cards I recommend you check out Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius-its a GREAT blog, but he collects that stuff, too... Just a suggestion.