Sending cards (supplemental)

I felt it would be safe to send Gonzo a TTM attempt upon learning of his new employment in the Diamondback front office.

Luis Gonzalez

After getting back into baseball and picking up the Diamondbacks as my favorite team, I had to find a favorite player. I was really torn between Steve Finley and Luis Gonzalez going into the 2001 season. Even though Steve Finley is still high on my list, Gonzo won the job. That season must have been very surreal for him. He had 57 Home-runs and was constantly shadowing Bonds as he was breaking Big Macs record. He won the Home run derby at the 2001 All star game. He ended the season with a game winning floater off of the best closer of the decade in the World Series.

It has been speculated about him having "help" in '01. I haven't ignored this, it has been floating around in my noggin' for a while threatening to taint my memory of the season. I know it may seem hypocritical to mention that Gonzo is still my favorite, but I can't stand Bonds and I think he is a cheater. But what it comes down to is this. If Bonds was a class act, not full of himself, and just a decent guy than I would also probably ignore the 'roid speculation. The same with Manny, and 'The Rocket". Its not so much the PED's, but just another (large) piece to add to why I can't stand them.

Sorry for the rant. It's not so much that I think my opinion is valuable in any way, just an explanation where I come from. Take it or leave it.

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  1. I also sent Gonzo a request a couple weeks ago. Good luck with it and he is one of my favorite players also. Hopefully he will sign my cards as well as yours.