2010 - Collection Goals

Borrowing a page from It's like having my own Card Shop guide to blogging, I am going to Set 10 Goals for 2010.

1. Complete 30 TTM autograph successes for my 2008 Allen & Ginter complete autographed base set collection.

This is two or three a month. Given that the season is the best time for the majority of the cards to get signed it up's the number quite a bit.

2. Get 1 in person signed card from an actual game.

This will be difficult seeing how I will be taking a 4 year old to the games and I don't want to trek the poor guy along with daddy to get this one card signed. Hopefully we can figure out a good way to accomplish this.

3. Complete the 1989 Topps Baseball set, and start 1988 Topps.

Not really all the difficult. I just need to keep focused on it. I hope to have fun with it and get cards in packs and trades more than just buying from ebay.

4. Complete 25-30 Trades among the blog-o-sphere

The trick here is to actually get cards that the rest of you want. I don't have that many cards. The blogs and the trading has made this hobby so much more fun than just ripping retail packs.

5. Send 5-10 suprise packages to other bloggers or readers.

Again the trick will be actually having cards that you want, but I hear that many of you do this and it will get cards to those who will actual enjoy them.

6. Obtain the following Cards:

6A. 2007 Bowman's Best Auto Rookie of Mark Reynolds. (Link is not the auto card)
6B. 1986 Topps Traded Will Clark Rookie
6C. 1987 Topps Will Clark
6D. 1986 Donruss Rookies Will Clark Rookie
6E. 1987 Fleer Will Clark Rookie
6F. 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie
6G. 1990 Score Bo Jackson Football/Baseball Card

7. Post to the Blog 150 for the year.

8. Break at least one hobby box of 2008 Allen & Ginter.

The trick here is to convince my wife to allow the funds to go out. in 2008 she allowed the purchase of two 2008 Upper Deck Piece of History Hobby Boxes, and one 2008 Allen and Ginter Hobby box. Those were such a blast to open. Here is hoping for 2010.

9. Complete the following sub sets

9A. The 2008 A&G State cards
9B. The 2009 Topps U&H Propaganda Cards
9C. The 2008 Topps Series 2 Campaign Cards.
9D. The 1992 Denny's Grand Slam Holographic Cards.

10. Send 500-1,000 Cards per team (29 teams, not sure I can part with that many D-back cards) as part of the 1,000,000 Cards For Kids effort.

Again, I love this idea I just currently do not have the cards.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Great list! Let me know what Dennys cards you need. I should be able to help you out. Good luck!

  2. Actually it is easier to get an auto when you have a kid with you. Players are way mre likely to sign for kids.

  3. 1992 Denny's Grand Slam Holographic Cards? Nice.