Off Topic: Favorite Auto/Relic Cards (part 2)

On with more of the coolest cards in my collection. Thanks for humoring me by the way.

Non Ginter


2007 Sweet Spot
Conor Jackson

Man I love EBay. Granted the auto is really faded, but still I got a Diamondback auto really affordable. The greatest thing is I didn't have to pay an expensive tin to try for it. Sure its not a Hall of Fame auto, but I am still happy.

Jersey's - ish

2008 Upper Deck Piece of History
"Piece of Hollywood"
Austin Powers Pants

"That's not my bag, baby!" Oh yes sir it is. A piece of felt-ish blue pants worn by Mr. Myers in Austin Powers. Hey, if you are going to get one piece of hollywood cards per box, you can't beat this.

2003 Upper Deck Game Face
"Game Face Gear"
Luis Gonzalez

Obtained VIA Ebay. I have always wanted one of these, they look so cool. The image of Gonzo appears to be printed on a baseball. Plus there is a double jersey.

2008 Upper Deck Piece of History
"Franchise History"
Chase Utley

I really enjoyed opening the 2008 piece of history hobby boxes. The numbered cards with the foil team logos looked great and the hits were very nice looking. This is probably the second best hit from my two boxes. A nice dual color swatch of a "future" World Series winner. This one is up for trade if anyone is interested.

2008 Upper Deck Piece of History
"Box Score Memories"
Carlos Beltran

The best pull I think I have gotten, and it was on the first box break I have done. On my birthday in 2008, after the kids went to bed I sat at the Dinning room table like a kid myself cracking into a full hobby box. The third pack I opened was this card. The patch is so thick it bubbles the card where they tried to stuff it in. Four colors, but I am not really sure what the patch is though. I think it is the team logo. This card is up for trade, but I may be picky with this one. Probably would only part with it for a Diamondback card with the same patchy-goodness.

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