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I just came across this card online, and I must make it mine soon.

Pat Tillman - 325 - 2001 Fleer Tradition "Unsung Heroes" Rookie

It is probably pretty obvious why this card is simply and purely amazing, but I will lay it out anyway. I know that this is mostly a baseball blog, but even a non-football fan can appreciate this card.

Pat Tillman is not simply an Arizona Cardinals Unsung Hero, Pat Tillman is an American Unsung Hero. Granted he has gotten a lot of praise sung for him, but for what he and others do you can't say enough. After Sept 11th, Pat Tillman joined the army, left a pro football career, and more importantly, a new wife behind and served our country. Unfortunately he didn't just leave for a tour of duty, but his life was cut short doing what he felt was right.

Pat Tillman Remembered - ESPN.Com

I think this card signifies for me not only the sacrifice of Mr. Tillman, but all the young men and women that say good bye to love ones and puts their life on the line serving out country. I have a hard time leaving my boys for a couple of days, it is unimaginable to me what it must be like to kiss you spouse and kids good by and ship off over seas.

(this photo is not mine)

For all those serving or that have ever served. Please accept my heartfelt, and most sincere "Thank You".

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  1. I have the 1987 topps and fleer Clarks and the 1990 Score Bo Jackson.