Off topic: another purchase

Well in an earlier post I had mentioned that I tried out www.checkoutmycards.com, I tried it and I liked it. Heaven Help me.

Anyway, I placed two orders that day, and I just got the second order in today. Which obviously means I placed a third order a couple minutes ago. I think I need intervention.

Ruben Sierra - 25 - 1992 Dennys Holograms

Howard Johnson - 16 - 1992 Dennys Holograms

Two more additions to my set. All I know of Mr. Johnson is that he was in my collection as a kid, and something about a hotel chain. Mr. Sierra's card is a little beat up. Just scratches, but it does bring me steps closer.

Conor Jackson - 138 - 2007 Topps Chrome X-Fractor

I have never owned an X-Fractor card before. Well come to think of it, before the first order I never owned a Refractors card either. The jury is still out, but it is positive.

Conor Jackson - 305 - 2006 Topps Chrome X-Fractor (RC)

Have you ever found yourself collecting a player you never really intended to? Conor Jackson was never a player that I felt like, "wow, I want to collect his cards". Now though, I have a nice collection of Jackson's cards. Autographs, Relics, Printing plates, and X-Fractors. I seem to be a Conor Jackson collector. Nothing against him, I do like him, but he kinda snuck up on me.

Having never owned Refractors or X-Fractors I wanted to see what the differences where. Stephen Drew 2007 Topps was my guinea pig. Although I did forget to get the 2007 Chrome, I did come away with; The regular Topps card, Topps Chrome Refractor, Topps Chrome White Refractor, and Topps Chrome X-Fractor. What answer did I come away with? I like them all. Woo whoo...I am screwed.

Abraham & Mary Lincoln - FC-15 - 2007 Topps U&H "First Couples"

After obtaining the Reagan card I realized that that I wanted the set. I have already bitten off way to much as it is, so instead I figure I can at least get some of my favorite Presidents. So all I need is the Washington card and I can stop for now.

Luis Gonzalez - FRJ-JG - 2003 Topps Finest game-used Jersey

The scan does not do this card justice. This card is beautiful. If any of you have not seen this card and have a favorite player that has a relic in this set, let me simply say buy this card.

I know that this set does not get good reviews on blogs. In addition, stick autographs don't go over too well. But I can't pass on a CoJack relic auto. The most beautiful thing about this card is that its a bat and an auto. But the back says "You have received an authentic autograph and game-warn relic of Conor Jackson". Never seen a wood jersey, but I am sure it is awesome.

Thurman Munson - 60 - 1978 Topps

This is the oldest card by far in my collection now. The short version of, "why this card" is..

My uncle came by when I was little and gave me my first baseball cards. I had thought about collecting based on seeing them in school but never really crossed over from wanting to, to doing it.

The shoe box he gave me was partially filled with 1977 topps cards. As my dad flipped through the cards he pointed out the Thurman Munson card as one of the players he new. He told me that Mr Munson had died, and that it may be valuable. I had no idea who Munson was, what he did, or what position he played, but to me that was the coolest card I had ever seen.

I have no idea where my childhood cards are, but when I was looking through the website for cards I figured I wanted to buy an old card. My first though was the 1977 Munson. I scratched that idea because I have already held a '77 Munson. Instead I went with a Thurman Munson from my birth year.

Pray for me. I am a checkoutmycards.com junkie.

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  1. Once again some really sweet cards. I like seeing all the different versions of one card (base/chrome/refractor/x-fractor)! The D-Backs just re-signed Co-Jack so they must be confident that he will have a good season! If he's healthy, he's good. Awesome cards!