Off Topic: Wicked Cards (part 2)

There were so many cards that Wicked Ortega from "My Past Time……. I Love It!!" sent me from the earlier trade I needed to really spread it out over a couple of posts. I love all the cards he sent, but to spare you and my scanner I have just grabbed a couple off the top to highlight.

I really love this subset that seems to be exclusive to retail packs purchased at Wal-mart. The cards are black border with the background in the imaged darkened to make it almost not visible. This alternative design is very striking and shows off the players. Here are a couple choice ones from the group he sent me.

259 - "2008 National League Leaders - Strikeouts" Lincecum, Haren & Santana

The darkened backgrounds on this compilation makes it look like it is poorly designed, but looking closely you can tell that it is not supposed to be one image but three, side by side. Hence the cut off leg.

39 - Stephen Drew

324- Mark Reynolds

I love the horizontal action shots of Drew and Reynolds. Drew waiting to pounce on a Double Play, and Reynolds snagging a grounder at the "Hot Corner" The action pops with this subset

230 - Justin Upton

Probably my favorite card from this Wal-Mart special. The action, the subject, and composition all came together to make this card stand out. I love this card.

14 - Brandon Lyon - 2009 Upper Deck

OK, Brandon Lyon wasn't awful but he was a major disappointment for me. I kept pulling for this guy be the next shutdown man to walk in the footsteps of Mantei and Kim. Instead he was average at best (in my uneducated opinion, I am sure one could argue convincingly either way). This man stuck out to me for one reason, and one reason only. He shares my last name. Actually he shares my cousins name exactly. Having an active jersey on your favorite team with your last name on the back was really cool. Why wouldn't I want Lyon to be a franchise closer.

379 - Mark Reynolds - 2009 O-Pee-Chee

Nice base-running shot of "Luke Skywalker". Dirty jersey, he must be working hard.

Chris Young has/had so much potential. Bounced between the minors and the bigs last year, I hope it was just a bump in the road. He was really fun to watch in 2007, looking forward to those fireworks again.

I love this shot of the Younger of the Upton Brothers. Nice "breast cancer awareness" wristband action, and I don't know, just a very photogenic shot.

Thanks Wicked!

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