Sending cards (week 10)

OK, I know it is shocking but I am sending cards again. The "week 10" is only for tradition now as I am nowhere near sending every week.

I was sitting at work today thinking about receiving TTM envelopes and how it was a drag waiting for the season to start so that I can start sending them out again (well, that is not the only reason I long for Baseball but you get the drift), and then it dawned on me. Why am I not sending to non-baseball athletes in the Ginter collection.

So out go three more attempts.

Jeanette Lee

Like most people, this is the only professional Billiard player I know. Even then I just know of her. Having said that, this will still be a really exciting success to get back. And I do hope it comes back as this is my only copy of her card.

Oh and this card is awesome, nice intense shot.

Pete Weber

If it wasn't for Allen & Ginter I would not know half of these non-baseball athletes. I think that is another reason, beyond design, that I like this set. It does introduce athletes that I would normally overlook. After a quick Wikipedia search I found out that this man has bowled over 50 perfect games in competition. Not knowing bowling, and being horrible myself, this is mind boggling.

Dean Karnazes

Another athelete that I didn't know about. But this man is insane, I say insane not out of negativity or dismissiveness, but out of awe and amazement. A couple tidbits of information. He competed a 50/50/50. 50 Marathons in 50 states in consecutive 50 days (some of the marathons he ran the official course but not the race as the race was not being run the day he needed to complete it). Oh and to top it off "After finishing the 50/50/50, Karnazes decided to run home to San Francisco from New York City. He was expected to finish the trip in January 2007. However Karnazes chose to end this trek on December 15, 2006, in St. Charles, Missouri, to spend more time with his family." (from Wikipedia)

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  1. Good luck...that Dean guy sure is a woos huh? Just kidding...he's definitely nuts though.