Sending cards (week 11.5)

Another Two card shipment.

Jeff King

I found a blog that I really like. I am not sure where I found it, all I know is I stumbled upon if surfing Baseball and Autograph Blogs. The name of the blog is Donna's TTM Autographs. She had success with King TTM so I am using the address she has posted here. Browsing her blog makes me want to see her collection in person, I can only imagine that all her autographs would fill a room.

Grand Canyon (Sheriff Joe Arpaio)

When I first thought of sending out the Grand Canyon card I was thinking I would send it to John McCain, but I wasn't really satisfied with that. It just seemed like a cop out. Anyway, the more I thought about the Great State of Arizona I started thinking of Sheriff Joe. I know that he rubs some people the wrong way, but hey this is my collection. Personally, I like Joe.

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